A fine balance

We believe that every business issue requires the application of different proportions of quantitative analysis, consumer or customer insights, and business understanding, in order to develop an impactful solution. We have the right mix of knowledge, aptitude and experience, and the passion to approach each problem as a unique one defined by the underlying context, thus creating a winning solution tailored to the specific business situation.

We see ourselves as partners to a business, approaching issues and solutions as ‘ours’, a common growth objective motivating us. We believe that to truly attain Escape Velocity, great strategy must be coupled with outstanding execution ; the prior industry experience of our team members and the passion for delivering outstanding results for clients ensures that not only are our recommendations actionable, our implementation know-how ensures flawless execution of strategy on the ground.

Our Approach

Our conclusions are driven by output from systematic mining and analysis of various types of information – internal company data, industry reports, retail audits and surveys, socio-economic surveys such as the census, NSSO, NFHS etc., as well as discussions with industry experts. We immerse ourselves deep in qualitative and quantitative research, trade visits etc. in order to ensure that we have a rich understanding of the consumer or customer and of market dynamics.

We critically evaluate all our data sources for authenticity and accuracy. Thereafter, we concentrate our efforts on identifying those insights and trends that help answer business related questions and form the foundation of a winning strategy.

We believe that a rich and unbiased understanding of consumers and customers is at the core of a business’ growth strategy, and that strong, profitable and sustainable businesses can only be built on such a firm foundation.

We check our personal prejudices and opinions at the door, and put our hearts and minds into discovering consumer or customer needs, attitudes and purchase behaviour. We listen with empathy and an open mind.

Our objective is to deliver actionable recommendations that help brands and businesses win in the market-place. Our team cumulatively has decades of hands-on experience at managing brands and businesses, before making any recommendation to a business we carefully weigh the practicality and effectiveness of the same. This is reflected in the seamless integration of strategy with implementation know-how.
We are committed to the market-place success of the brands and businesses we work with. In order to sustain the momentum generated during the project and breathe life into the strategy and plans developed, we assist in creating detailed implementation plans with carefully sequenced tasks in bite-sized chunks, thus increasing ease of implementation.

Where required, we are keen to partner with businesses during the implementation phase. We never hesitate to roll up our sleeves and get involved, for this gives us an adrenalin buzz during the implementation and the satisfaction of seeing our strategy succeed in the market-place thereafter.