Our name ‘Escape Velocity’ derives from the speed which an object must achieve to overcome the constraint of the Earth’s gravity.  This reflects what we do for our clients as well – we help firms discover and implement the optimal strategy that boosts their business to higher growth orbits. Our logo, the ‘growth spiral’, embodies this focus on growth.

Some interesting trivia about the ‘growth spiral’:

This spiral often appears in nature and is visible in many growing forms such as the arrangement of seeds in sunflower heads, nautilus shells, etc., hence the name ‘growth spiral’.

Examples of the Growth Spiral

It is a special kind of spiral curve in which the size of the spiral increases and the distances between the turnings increases in geometric progression. Spira mirabilis, Latin for ‘miraculous spiral’, is another name given to this curve by Jacob Bernoulli, because he was fascinated by its unique mathematical properties.

Now you know why we at ‘Escape Velocity’ just had to have this as the visual representation of our identity – a logo that represents ‘growth’ is so right for a Business Strategy and Marketing Consulting firm, isn’t it?


The Escape Velocity Team