I had heard of washing machines being used as lassi-makers in Punjab, but I recently came across an article which points out some other products used for unintended applications:

Las-sip or Lassi-P ?

 “… For instance, in parts of Northern India, condoms are used by weavers as gloves on their fingers to weave fine threads. Lubrication on condoms allows them fine control on threads and protects their sensitive fingers. Buffaloes displayed at the haats for sale are dyed an immaculate black with Godrej hair dye. Horlicks is used as a health beverage to fatten up cattle in Bihar. …. Paints meant for coloring up the rich-smooth walls are used to paint the horns of cattle to make identification easier and to achieve a long-term protection from theft. Iodex is rubbed into the skins of animals after a hard day’s work to relieve muscular pain.”

It’s fascinating how consumers have adopted these products, which are clearly intended for personal and household use, for business development instead.

Here’s the link to the article.


Roshni Jhaveri