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Decades after Cyndi Lauper made it cool for girls to want to have fun, this Hero Honda ad gives girls the freedom for ‘masti’ and asks society a long-overdue question, “Why should boys have all the fun?”

The ad’s heroine embodies the Indian woman’s talent for acceptance and compromise, she resolves to navigate her own way through the mire of questions that various people throw at her with the attitude, “Sawaal tho rahengey hi, par masti bhi”

I especially liked the way the heroine nonchalantly flicks away all the question marks that society directs at her – it’s all about the feeling of independence and of being in control of your own life. The brand team and ad agency have zeroed in on a powerful insight – women’s yearning for independence and fun, the shackles that society places on them, and the freedom that comes with having one’s own set of wheels.

The same insight has also been expressed by Santosh Desai in a chapter in his book, ‘Mother Pious Lady’ :

‘Earlier, the navigation of the Outer World was primarily a male responsibility. Women were dropped to and from their destinations and needed to depend on men to do so. Mobility was a male prerogative which they conferred on their women. ….The world outside was inaccessible and daunting and needed to be entered one hesitant step at a time.

Personal mobility changes all that. Every place becomes accessible, every road navigable……One can explore all that the city has to offer almost without any extra effort. The fear of the unfamiliar place diminishes; the idea of the outside world as inherently hostile is revealed to be an exaggeration. …The sense of being in control, of being in charge of one’s own destiny, of being able to navigate in real time all that the world has to throw, is experienced directly.’


Zenobia D Driver