Brand : Union Bank of Switzerland

Tagline : ‘Here today, Here tomorrow’

Campaign slogan : ‘Thoughts that transcend time’

Method used : The campaign by ad guru Neil French featured well-known stage actors reading various famous inspirational English poems. The campaign began in ’96-’97 and ran for a few years. As per available information, it was quite successful.

I loved these ads for various reasons :

One, the manner in which the tag-line was reinterpreted and executed – if the bank wanted to stand for ‘classy’, ‘timeless’, ‘solid / trustworthy’ and ‘(keeps your money) secure always’, these ads deliver that message

Two, the ads stand out from the clutter due to the unusual execution

Finally, on a personal level, I also liked these ads due to the sheer whimsy of having two forms of communication – advertising and poetry – rolled into one

You can take a look at a few of these ads by clicking on the links below :

 If   (Harvey Kietel’s rendition of ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling)

Invictus   (‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley, rendered by Alan Bates)

Bag of Tools   (Maggie Smith rendering R.L.Sharpe’s ‘Bag of Tools’)

Say not the Struggle   (Paul Scofield rendering Arthur Hugh Clough’s ‘Say not the Struggle’)

Though given the declining popularity of poetry, I am not sure how many viewers would enjoy and appreciate such an ad today. What do you think? Take our poll or leave us a comment and tell us whether you liked / didn’t like the ads and why.

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p.s. In order to read the poem lyrics, click on the links below :



Bag of Tools

Say not the Struggle