We found a loyal reader’s comment on one of our posts’ so interesting that we had to ensure you read it too :

Our loyal reader (let’s call him ‘R’) didn’t really like the ads mentioned in this post about the UBS ads. While he felt they definitely stood out amongst other ads, he didn’t find them visually engaging and wasn’t sure if they could keep the viewer engaged after multiple viewings of the same ad. I suppose the same thought was in the agency’s mind too, which is why so many different ads were produced in this series – youtube itself has about 20 ads, each with a different poem.

R preferred the American Express ads in which noted celebrities (like Wes Anderson and Robert Di Nero) are narrating in a video sequence, he felt that these definitely have a better impact than the UBS ads because they are visually engaging as well.

You can view the Amex ads here, and here.

Take a look at these ads and see whether you agree with R.


EV Team