Thanks to D for pointing us to this blogpost, an interesting read. The WSJ blog had a link to this article by Chandan Mitra in the Daily Pioneer , another interesting read.

As the Pioneer article mentions, ‘the rise of TV gurus, who appear regularly on various 24/7 religious channels that have mushroomed, has significantly altered not just thought processes but also impacted people’s lifestyles’. We have seen some evidence of this recently, with an increasing number of folk from lower income groups looking to Yoga Gurus on TV to help them understand more about health and wellness, and share tips with them on how to stay healthy and happy. Undoubtedly, the Dr. is still the key influencer on matters relating to serious ailments, but an increasing number of households seem to be tuning in to TV regularly and, at least for minor ailments, supplementing advice from elders in the family with what they heard from a yoga guru on TV.

– Escape Velocity Team