Habits and habit change are a topic that occupy many in the marketing sphere. Given below are excerpts from an article by Prof. S. Ramesh Kumar of IIM Bangalore in the Hindu Businessline:

Brands that become a part of consumers’ habits in any sphere of their life are likely to enjoy a high degree of brand loyalty.

Another challenge that habits pose to marketers is the manner in which the latter need to adapt themselves to ensure the habits are in tune with the changing lifestyles of consumers.

Café Coffee Day has a strong base of loyal followers as the brand is a part of the socializing habit among urban youngsters and executives.

It is interesting to note that several decades ago Indian Coffee House (run by the Coffee Board in several cities) was a part of the socializing habit of youngsters of the bygone era.

Habits have not changed in this domain of socializing: Café Coffee Day has brought in several contemporary dimensions that matter to the lifestyle of today’s youngsters. Marketers need to explore the linkages between habits, product category and the brand becoming a part of the habit associated with the category.