Yes, this blog is now a year old, and we did actually manage to post a wee bit more often than once a week!

Some posts – such as the series on shopping experiences (7 posts, starting with this one and ending with this), had readers agreeing and chiming in with their experiences; others – such as the one on the Godrej Muziplay fridge, unleashed a flurry of arguments over multiple media (phone, facebook, wordpress and email).

Our top referring site was facebook (Three Cheers for Mark!), so those of you that hope to see fewer status updates from us in 2012 are going to be sorely disappointed. Search engines were effective at driving traffic to the blog too, amongst the topics searched often was ‘why should boys have all the fun’ and ‘flash sales online’, reiterating the point that a catchy title/name/headline always draws in the audience.

Over the year, we received loads of comments, which made the whole process of writing on this blog so much more fun. So to those of you that did comment, whether it was to express agreement, disagreement, encouragement, ask for information, or tell us something new, a sincerely felt Thank You.

And those of you that didn’t just stop at commenting, but wrote entire posts for the blog, we’re hoping you’ll write a lot more often this year. In fact, beginning today, we’re  starting a whole new ‘Readers’ Contributions’ page on the blog. Hope to see reader generated content far more often now.

Keep reading, and commenting, and we’ll keep writing.

Cheers !
The Escape Velocity team