Before we begin the post, all of us at Escape Velocity would like to wish our readers a very Happy New Year. Hope 2012 brings everyone joy and prosperity.

1. Similar to the “Reasons to Believe” international series of ads by Coca-cola (that we mentioned in an earlier post), Coke India recently launched an ad to welcome the new year. [youtube=]We think it works brilliantly – it has just the kind of upbeat optimism one needs in such times of uncertainty, turmoil and change.

2. Almost a year ago, over Feb and March 2011, we’d written a series of posts about how some ads now reflected the changing socioeconomic status of women in India (link to posts here and here). This article by Shailaja Bajpai (titled Exit Role Model, Enter Girl Next Door) from last Sunday’s Indian Express supplement mentions a similar trend in the portrayal of female protagonists in TV serials. The times they are a’changin indeed – even Baa would agree.

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