Escape Velocity is an evidence-based Market Strategy & Marketing Consulting firm. We develop and implement consumer and customer focused strategies that help businesses and brands accelerate growth.

Escape Velocity was founded in 2009, and has now grown to include six committed, experienced professionals, aided by a larger set of network partners in situations where specific expertise is required. Our team members typically have prior experience at line roles in varied functions such as sales and marketing, communication, supply chain etc., from reputed firms. We believe that this adds depth and actionability to our recommendations, and helps us partner effectively with clients during the implementation phase of projects.

Over the last few years, Escape Velocity has honed various methodologies and customised them to fit different industry sectors and business scenarios. Our clients include entities such as leading MNCs, large Indian corporates, established family-run businesses, PE firms and reputed not-for-profit organisations, spread across sectors as varied as consumer goods, health and wellness, apparel, chemicals, leisure and entertainment, education, transport etc.