Consumer Trends

Direct Selling

Although direct selling isn’t a very commonly discussed business model in India, it is a force to be reckoned with. It is

Organic – But Naturally!

Lately, I have noticed a sudden burst of organic stores on the scene. So far, I had been seeing small sections dedicated

India Trades Up!

I’m sure many of us in India have been reading articles in newspapers and magazines recently about India trading up. From the

Update – Men’s grooming

Last week’s post (link here) described the influence of Bollywood on men’s fashion and grooming trends. This post from last Sunday’s issue

Grooming is Booming

In 2005, Emami launched ‘Fair and Handsome’ cream for men – remember the ‘chhup chhup ke’ ads that were based on the

Why Nuances Matter

The consumer may not always be logical, but understanding his/her thought process is critical to success. Consider an example.   Background: Real

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